Sarah Whitmore is the author of Savorbang.com. She is a writer, cook, teacher and standup comedian serving it up throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to sharing her delicious, original recipes, she makes fun of food culture and current events because the world is terribly hilarious.

Sarah was born in Oakland, raised on the central coast and lives in Northern California where she wades through some of the most glorious ingredients in the world. Sonoma/Marin/Mendocino bounty fill her pantry (ha-ha your MOM has a pantry). Sarah doesn’t have a pantry. She has small cabinets–too small. Size matters. Sarah could be called a self-taught cook but she thinks that sounds stupid. “Was I raised in the woods by snakes? I taught myself to cook?”

Sarah knows every good cook learns from somebody–imitation, instruction, osmosis. Sarah learned to cook from her family (Basques and Cape Codders), from working in restaurants under Chefs like Sandy Wake of Mendocino county’s jewel of the 90’s, Tsunami. She learned to cook from friends in the far flung kitchens of Spain, Paraguay, Mexico and Japan. Sarah fed and raised two blazing smart and talented daughters–both great cooks. Sarah taught kindergarten for over a decade at an organic farm school. Preparing 2 hot meals a day for a boatload of kids taught her how to handle hecklers. “Kindergarteners will flat out say they Haaaaate your cooking while gagging in disgust. Little darlings.”

“I want to treat you to a liberal helping of Luscious Witty Food.”